(Place Of Origin:Guangdong China (mainland) Brand Name:Hingwah )
  • Tempered Glass
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  • Min. Order :100 Square Meter
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  • Place Of Origin:Guangdong China (mainland)
  • Brand Name:Hingwah
  • Model Number:H-tempered-01
  • Function:Decorative Glass,heat Absorbing Glass,heat Reflective Glass,insulated Glass,low-e Glass
  • Shape:Curve,flat,flat And Curved
  • Structure:Solid
  • Technique:Clear Glass,coated Glass,figured Glass,frosted Glass,laminated Glass,tempered Glass,tinted Glass,wired Glass
  • Type:Float Glass
  • Color:As Customer Required
  • Thickness:5mm-19mm
  • Lamination Material:Pvb Film, En Film
  • Application:Door, Glass Wall, Roof, Stairs, And So On
  • Edges:Polished
High quality tempered glass, from 5mm to more than 20mm thick, with flat or curved shape, and any color same as buyer's sample

Tempered Glass


The process of making tempered glass is just like the process of quenching iron, heating up the glass to melting temperature point, and then cool it down rapidly, thus the glass becomes much stronger and more flexible. It is very hard to break a tempered glass, and when broken with strong force, the whole glass piece would break down into small round piece, thus would causing no secondary harm. (as the following picture dictates the condition of a broken tempered glass)



The Glass Tempering Furnace


With its strong force, high security property compared with normal glass, tempered glass is also called toughened glass. The process of making tempered glass is controlled totally by computerized machine system, we call the system Glass Tempering Furnace, which is crucial for the quality of tempered glass. Our company has been working in this area for more than 10 years, our machine system is more complete in full function, and unaffordable to other competitors.

The below is our new Glass Tempering Furnace, and it is also the latest Glass Tempering Machine in the whole South China.


The Below is our another Glass Tempering Furnace, which is the largest Glass Tempering Furnace, it could make large size tempered glass of 2.44 meter wide.

The above Glass Tempering Furnace would make both flat and curved tempered glass. The second Glass Tempering Furnace's curving cooling system is very important for the quality and curve angle of the curved tempered glass.



Curved Tempered Glass


Curved Tempered Glass is widely used in almost every modern building nowadays. Our advantage is that we can make curved tempered glass at very big angle, with semidiameter of 0.8m.



Control of Defect Possibility 


Even the whole tempering process is handle by computerized machine system. Staff experience and machine  maintenance conditions are also very important for the quality of tempered glass. Common defects of poor quality tempered glass include:


1)  Uneven Surface: tempered glass was melted before they were cooled down, thus if there is any unproper operation during the heating process, the output may have uneven surface, which would cause problem for the installation process.


2) Optical Distortion:  heating process may also cause internal change of the glass structure, and may cause optical distortion, that means things would look strange or changed see through the glass.


3) Bad Strength: this is mainly caused by the incompletion  of the tempering process, output glass is not as strong as they are expected.



HingWah Glass has been used for many Building


HingWah has been operating with more than a decade, most of the workers has been development with the company together since its founding. Thus we can ensure to preclude any defect. With its super quality, HingWah building glass has been the choice of many of the famous buildings of the city.


Guangzhou International Finance Center: it is now the tallest building of Guangzhou city, HingWah has provided glass for many parts of the building, including glass stairs and outside glass wall.



The Landlord Building of Shengzhen: It was the most expensive building of Shengzhen at the time it was built, that's why it got its name as LandLord Building. HingWah provide outside glass wall for it.


 CITI Plaza: it was the highes building before Guangzhou International Finance Center, HingWah provide outside wall glass and interior decoration glasses for the building. 



 Technical Data


Maximum Size: 2440mm*8000mm

Minimum Size: 300mm*300mm

Thickness could be tempered :  Tempered Glass  4mm - 10mm

                                                       Semi-tempered Glass 4mm - 10mm

Minimum Radius of Curvature: 4mm -10mm no less than 800mm

                                                     12mm - 19mm no less than 1000mm


Performance comparison among tempered glass ,semi-tempered glass and common glass

(on safety ,strength,heat stability,surface stress,broken form,etc. )


Tempered Glass

Semi-tempered Glass

Ordinary Glass








30-90 M pa

Themal stability




Surface stress

95 M pa



Broken state

Obtues-angle grain

Shooting broken



 Tempered Laminted Glass


Laminted by PVB film, tempered glass (2 layers or even more) is much safer than just one sheet of glass. HingWah has self-developed equipment to process thick laminated of multi layers of glass, which is a big headache of many other factories.

Laminted Tempered Glass


HingWah's Lamination Room and Process Equipments


HingWah: the first Chinese Company that Works on Bullet Proof Glass


HingWah has more than 600 workers in China, 2 plants in Guangzhou Headquarter, and total 3 factories in China. HingWah got enlisted on Germany Frankfurt Stock Exchange Market on 2011 (Stock Exchange Code: 8GS), customers could visit www. csg-glass.com or www.csg-ag.com for more information, please call 24-hour hotline to get more information about our products and company.



Tempered Glass


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